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Hey kids I'm Mint Spice and I have an awesome recipe for you to try.  If you like ice-cream then click here! 


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Hello everyone! I'm a tea leaf, and my name is Herb Spice. I have a recipe for some great pasta salad. If you'd like to see it click here!


garlic.gif (1552 bytes) Hi everybody! I'm Garlic Spice and I have a recipe for some out of this world dip. Click here!


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Hello! My name is Parsley Spice. I have a fantastic recipe for roast beef salad. Click here!


chili.gif (815 bytes) Howdy kids! I'm the south of the border spice named Chili Spice. If you want to try my recipe for outrageous eggnog then click here!


pepper.gif (1064 bytes) Hi! I'm Pepper Spice. I have a recipe for some wonderful parmesan cheese spread. Click here!



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